Emotional Awareness

September 19, 2014

Emotions are an interesting feeling especially as a teenager. That is when emotions hit you the most. There are two different types of emotions; the positive and the negative. Some positive feelings are happy, loving, confident, inspired and some negative emotions are angry, afraid, ashamed, guilty and worried. Feeling both is absolutely normal. Once you feel different emotions it is important to be aware of those feelings. Sometimes it may seem as if you don’t know what you’re feeling but you know in your gut there is something wrong and that’s normal. Don’t be afraid of not knowing. At times, emotions are difficult to accept but don’t ignore feelings. It is healthier to acknowledge what you are feeling rather than hiding them. According to teenshealth.org, “Avoiding negative feelings or pretending we don’t feel the way we do can backfire. It’s harder to move past difficult feelings and allow them to fade if we don’t face them and try to understand why we feel that way. You don’t have to dwell on your emotions or constantly talk about how you feel. Emotional awareness simply means recognizing, respecting, and accepting your feelings as they happen.” Emotions are tricky, at times good and bad but being aware of those emotions as they occur is healthier than dwelling in the past. So Angels, I hope that this will encourage you to understand your feelings and move past it!